2021 Miken DC41 Supermax 14″ 2PC USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat MDC21U

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The 2021 DC41 Supermax 14 in Barrel USSSA Batt is engineered from premium aerospace grade fiber which offers legendary performance and durability. Its constructed with a 14-inch E-Flex 360 barrel, designed with our exclusive C-4 proprietary carbon fiber. As a result you'll get maximum flex, performance and durability across all 360° of the barrel.

In addition, its new F4P handle improves the energy transfer from the handle to barrel to maximize barrel flex and give you more power. The massive sweetspot and 1oz endload is ideal for players wanting more weight in the end for barrel for maximum power and distance. The 14-inch barrel allows for more forgiveness too. From the moment you first swing it, you'll know this bat will help you dominate your USSSA league. Order yours today!

C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber – Maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched performance and consistency. Developed and produced in-house by our world-class composite engineers. 

E-Flex 360 – The E-Flex 360 Barrel is designed with our exclusive C-4 Carbon Fiber which allows for maximum flex, performance, and durability 360 degrees around the barrel. 

F4P Technology – NEW F4P Tech improves handle to barrel energy transfer to maximize performance and barrel flex. 

A1 Knob – The A1 smaller kob provides increased comfort on overlap and standard softball hand grips. 

Certifications: USSSA, ISA, GSL, NSA – New USSSA 240 Compression NTS Tested
Construction: 2PC Composite
Barrel Length: 14″
Weighting: Supermax (1 oz)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Breakage

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