CCM Tacks AS-570 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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The CCM Tacks AS-570 Skates bring the game-changing one-piece boot to an affordable, performance-level price point. This means more speed, a better fit and less weight for the north-to-south, straight-line power skater.

- One-Piece Boot - Compared to its two-piece counterparts, the One-Piece design is lighter, better at transferring energy and better wraps around the foot for an improved fit. What does this mean? One-Piece boots make players quicker and faster.
- SpeedBlade XS Tongue System - An easy and secure clip system gives you the ability to use one of three aftermarket CCM tongues. Slim is the lightest and slimmest, which reduces weight and increases internal volume. Regular is the most similar to the stock tongue but comes with D3O Smart Foam for top-tier protection. Extra is thickest and most protective, which also reduces internal volume.
- SpeedBlade XS Holder - This quick-releasing system keeps you on the ice and off the bench since swapping out runners is easier than ever. The mechanical dial ensures the runners won't pop out when taking a big shot to the holder either.

Boot Construction - 3D One-Piece
Material - Composite Fiberglass
Tongue - 7mm Reinforced, Replaceable Felt
Tendon Guard - Standard
Facing - Traditional
Laces - Unwaxed
Midsole - High-Strength Plastic
Lining Material - HD Microfiber
Ankle Padding - Medium-Density Foam
Footbed - Standard
Runner Construction - XS
Removable - Yes
Material - Steel
Finish - Standard
Height - 16mm
Radius - 10'
Holder Construction - SpeedBlade XS
Release Mechanism - Tool-less Dial
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