CCM Jetspeed FT370 Elbow Pad - Senior

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CCM's new Jetspeed FT370 Elbow Pads offer an extremely lightweight and mobile elbow pad maximizing a players mobility and speed while still offering optimal protection. The FT370 Elbow Pads Pads are constructed with a 2 Piece Design featuring a JDP Designed Elbow Cap, which redirects impact around the elbow joint. The Bicep Guards and Forearms feature  Moulded PE offer a higher level of protection.
  • Construction: 2 Piece Design
  • Forearms Injected Moulded PE Cap Insert
  • Elbow Cap: PE Caps with JDP Design
  • Bicep: Floating Bicep with PE Inserts
  • Attachment: 3 Strap System (Nylon/Elastic)
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