CCM YTFlex 2 Hockey Goalie Pads - Youth

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CCM's YT Flex goal pads are designed for young goalies learning to play. Every feature and specification promotes the proper safe fundamentals through ideal sizing, fit, and flexibility. We know it's important to allow young goalies to have fun and play with confidence between the pipes!

The CCM YTFlex II Goalie Leg Pads are precisely designed for the young learning goaltender. In order for young goalies to properly learn butterfly techniques, CCM designed the YTFlex II leg pads with strategically placed core breaks to maximize flexibility while maintaining great 5-hole coverage. A fantastic feature that accommodates growing goalies is the adjustable knee cradle, allowing that protection to be re-adjusted and help maintain proper coverage.

CCM even used their SpeedSkin Technology on the exterior of the leg pads which helps goalies slide quicker and make big saves. The strapping system has been optimized to reduce dressing time and allows for quick and easy on-ice adjustments. Included in the strapping system is the bungee toe ties, which easily secure to the skate via Velcro attachment. The bungee cords help the leg pads stay snug against the skate but easily flex when transitioning into the butterfly.

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