CCM E3.5 Junior Trapper FULL RIGHT

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Puck heading top corner? Flash some quick leather with the new Extreme Flex E3.5 Pro Catch Glove, complete with a new Double T Pocket, a new one-piece cuff design, and an easy break-in, game-ready fit.

  • DOUBLE T POCKET - Inspired by feedback given by Carey Price, the new Double T Pocket allows for increased visibility when trying to freeze the puck.
  • ONE-PIECE CUFF DESIGN - The new one-piece cuff offers more mobility for better top corner coverage.
  • BREAK ANGLE - The 600 Break Angle appears at the middle of the hand closure.
  • PALM STIFFNESS - The glove features a game-ready fit for an easy break-in process with great protection
  • WRIST STRAP - Easily adjust your wrist strap for optimal comfort and mobility.
  • FINGER GUARD - Low density finger padding for added protection.
  • CUFF/THUMB COMPOSITION - Easily absorb impacts with an injection molded PE foam.
  • THUMB RADIUS - Curved radius will allow you to easily deflect the puck into the glove's pocket.
  • FINGER STALLS - Lined with a synthetic emboss to help your fingers grip the interior of the glove for quicker closures.
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