CCM Resistance 300 Helmet Combo

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  • Protection:
  1. R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening)
    • Designed to better manage rotational impact energy that traditional helmets were unable to protect against
      • The liquid-filled bladders slow down rotational acceleration and spin, minimizing rotational impact energy
    • Multi-density VN Pods help manage linear impact energy
  2. Dual-Density VN Foam Base Liner:
    • Lightweight and protective
    • Similar to U+Foam, it helps to wick away moisture without absorbing it
  3. CCM Resistance 300 Facemask
    • Silver, flat-wire design for excellent vision of the ice
    • Multi-density chin cup with anti-microbial covering
    • Built-in shock absorbers to minimize and dampen energy sustained to the face
  • Fit:
  1. Single, tool-free rear adjustment
    • Dual-pivoting panel helps to securely anchor the helmet in place
    • Strategically moved to the rear of the helmet to maximize protection
  • Comfort:
  1. Moisture-wicking comfort foam helps to keep sweat out of the eyes
  2. Pro-preferred shell with extensive perforation for maximum airflow
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