CCM Premier Pro Senior 34+2" Leg Pads

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  • Outer Flex: No Break for maximize coverage
  • Inner Flex: Precurved Single Break Core helps better close the 5 hole
  • Boot Flex: 60 Degree Angle for directing pucks to the side or corner.
  • Boot Channel: Shallow and Soft for quick transition into butterfly
  • Leg Channel/Calf Strap Option: Lightweight set up with 1 optimized strap at calf for quick response
  • Knee Strap Option: Single adjustable knee or below knee to customize fit
  • Knee Cradle: A recessed foam with no wrap helps deepen knee cradle, translating to more help closing the 5 hole
  • Core: New lightweight, thin molded foam core offeres the greatest weight balance for quicker transition into butterfly
  • Knee Raiser: 3D injection molded EPP foam helps seal pad to the ice
  • Thigh Protector: Legal thigh and knee protector helps to protect the knee
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