CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pants

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The CCM 1.5 Junior Goalie Pant builds on a popular pant design, bringing the benefits of fit and performance to the young goalie. Mobile Max Flex Fit technology, paired with an internal belt and 1” zipper extension system, make the 1.5 a great option for any goalie.

Hip Protection
The hip area of the 1.5 Junior is made up of segmented PE foam. This foam provides protection against impacts from shots. The segmented state of this PE foam contributes to the Flex Motion design, combining maximum mobility with coverage and protection.

Thigh Protection
The CCM 1.5 Junior features a mix of molded plastic and PE foam. This blend of foams protects goalies in a high-impact area, while remaining lightweight.

Groin Protection
The groin area of the 1.5 Junior combines Flexmotion areas and PE foam. The Flexmotion gusset throughout the inside area of the pant provides mobility, while segmented PE foam gives impact protection.

External Material
The CCM 1.5 Junior pant is wrapped in durable 400D nylon with stretch zones. 400D nylon with stretch zones in key areas gives the pant added durability, while maintaining lightweight and mobile.

The CCM 1.5 Junior goalie pant features a wider, barrel fit with Max Flex Fit Technology. The fit profile of the Pro makes tucking the chest protector easy, though it works just as well untucked. Max Flex Fit technology refers to the flexible zones added in key areas, that allow the pant to be mobile while maintaining coverage.

Waist Closure & Internal Belt
The 1.5 Junior has an external waist closure, as well as an internal belt. The Fit + internal belt featured on the 1.5 Junior allows the goalie to have a tighter fit, without sacrificing the coverage of tightening the external belt.

Leg Extension
Hidden zipper with 1” length extender allows for a customized fit, and added growth room.

Knee Pad Attachment
The 1.5 Junior pant does not have any built-in knee pad attachment, though CCM does offer an independent garter belt to help keep knee pads up.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM 1.5 JR Goalie Pant is available in junior sizes Small through Large, and in Black and Navy.

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