CCM 1.9 Intermediate Goalie Pants

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One of the most versatile fitting goalie pants ever built, the CCM 1.9 features a Max Flex Fit construction that aids in fitting a wide range of body shapes and sizes. With strategically placed flex zones, the 1.9 goalie pants offer a freer range of movement

FIT PROFILE - The CCM Max Flex Fit profiles offers a very versatile fitting pants while not giving up coverage or mobility. The pants also allow for different ways to wear your chest protector, wither tucked in or worn on the outside of the pants.

EXTERIOR MATERIALS - A high grade 400D nylon is used with placed stretch zones for optimal mobility. The pants tend to move with versus moving against you.

HIP & KIDNEY PROTECTION - A new Flexmotion design provides a more segmented build that sees a freer range of movement. The molded PE foam allows for ample protection and energy dispersal.

THIGH PROTECTION - To protect against impacts, CCM has placed molded plastic thigh guards covered with PE foam that allows for a great level of impact protection while the foams allow for rebound dampening and control.

SPINE & TAILBONE PROTECTION - The main protection in the spine and tailbone sees molded EVA foams in a segmented construction. The protection is ample and with the segmented design you get a more versatile pant that lets the pants move and flex with your body’s movements.

ADJUSTMENT - The hidden zipper extension to lengthen the pants by 1” is only available on the intermediate size.

Both the senior and intermediate have a Fit+ internal belt system that is able to be worn as tight or as loose as you wish.



SMALL: WAIST: 28” – 32”

MEDIUM: WAIST: 32” – 36”

LARGE: WAIST: 34” – 38”

XLARGE: WAIST: 38” – 42”


SMALL: WAIST: 27” – 29”

MEDIUM: WAIST: 28” – 30”

LARGE: WAIST: 29” – 31”

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