CCM SuperTacks AS4 Stick Senior

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The Super Tacks Composite AS4 Hockey Stick features a grip finish, a carbon matrix blade, and a flex ratio for for great stickhandling and passing. If you're looking to dominate your opponents on the ice, this is the stick for you! Get your AS4 Pro stick now from Sports Excellence!

  • The all new CCM Super Tacks AS4 stick was created to give players of all skill levels the very best performance
  • Mid kick point to give you the most power for each shot
  • T-geometry shaft design
  • ACCU4 blade with high torsional stiffness for maximum accuracy
  • Flex ratio provides tons of support for great stickhandling and passing
  • Super Tacks AS4 stick length: 95 flex = 62" / 85, 80, 75, 70 flex = 60" / 65 flex = 57" / 55 flex = 55" / 50 flex = 54" / 40 flex = 51"
  • Stick finish: Grip
  • AS4 Stick Family: Tacks
  • Available in both left and right sides
  • Year: 2021
  • Brand: CCM


OPS Sticks and Composite Shafts (Player and Goalie) are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of sale to the consumer when used as intended under normal use and without alterations. For warranty issues, you can contact the manufacturer directly at [email protected]
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