CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro Chrome Stick Senior

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The newest evolution of the Jetspeed stick with the FT5 Pro continues that great feel and power for the player who wants to do everything on the ice. With all previous models the FT5 Pro has evolved with technologies and materials from the Pro side and we also have some new additions coming on this stick. A few of these new tech additions are Nanolite Carbon Layer technology, Skeleton+ taper design and an improved RR-90 blade.


Designed & engineered by CCM to have a stick that is similar to a mid kick but able to be used with a variety of hand positions making a hybrid kick point. The purpose is to allow the shooter and their hand position determine what flex profile should be used so whether you are going for a quick release shot that needs a low kick profile or taking the time to get some energy stored up for a full shot that needs the mid kick profile the Jetspeed has you covered.


Keeping with what worked so well with the previous Jetspeed & other high end models from CCM we have the Nanolite Carbon Layering technology back with the FT5 Pro. This process of layering the carbon in a specific way ensures maximum weight savings and adds durability to the shaft in key impact zones. We also see the great feeling “ R “ shape shaft geometry that has a traditional shaft shape with enhanced grip plus a double concave walls on the for improved  feel and control. New on the FT5 Pro is the sigma STP spread tow carbon weave material that you’ll also see in the blade which helps add durability & performance. 


We see the continued use of the popular RR-90 blade that has the ability to give pop when needed while also giving you the control and feel needed when dishing one off to your teammate thanks to it’s Dam-Core construction. Working with the shaft and the STP spread tow carbon weave we have it in the blade with Peel-ply technology. Combining the shaft & blade together we have the Skeleton+ taper technology that gives improved strength to the taper zone so no shot is lost.

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