CCM SISU 1.6 Custom Junior Mouth Guard

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Powered by Sisu, the CCM 1.6 mouthguards are the thinnest and closest retail mouthguard to a dental mouthguard. The CCM 1.6 mouthguards are 50% thinner than a traditional 4mm EVA mouthguard and 30% stronger. A super skinny (1.6mm) shell provides a snug and comfortable fit and can be remolded in seconds and remolded up to 20 times! The mouthguards offer no-chew-through durability and use Diffusix technology to reduce impacts felt and crumple zone technology to keep a rigid shape. The CCM 1.6 mouthguards are compatible with braces, however if you are purchasing for a child, make sure to buy the senior size! As well, with braces, the mouth guards must be fitted by an orthodontist to qualify for the dental warranty. The CCM 1.6 mouthguards are available in senior and junior sizing and in a variety of different colors. The mouth guards come with a $30,000 manufacturer limited dental warranty.

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