CCM Ribcore 65K Intermediate Hockey Stick

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CCM's ultra quick release stick, the Ribcor 65K is the next evolution of the popular Ribcor Hockey Stick Line.

Kick Point: Low Kick - Easy to load for a quick surprising release.

Shaft Technology: X-Flow Technology - An optimized moulding technology which allows for better compaction of the fibers for increased durability and lighter weight

Shaft Dimensions: Enhanced Pop Matrix Technology - A new and more gradual transition into the Ribcor geometry allows for a seamless energy transfer while maximizing bending and speed of release. 

Blade: Ascent Blade 2 - Optimized stiffness profile that goes from softer in the heel to extra stiff int he toe for heightened puck feel and quick releases.

Material: C6 Blade With Tactile Surface - Provides great all around stiffness and strength for added durability on the blade while providing heightened feel.

Geometry: New INT Geometry - Designed with the help of Elite Women's hockey players and a cross-section of youth players, rounded corners and concave sides help provide better control and comfort.

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