Sniper's Edge Sweethands Pro

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The Sniper's Edge Sweethands Stickhandling Trainer is a stickhandling specific training aid. This stickhandling trainer will enhance your hockey skills enabling players to achieve better puck control, feel, and become a better hockey player!

Sweet Hands is economical in that it can be used with multiple training drills and players. With a hockey training product like Super Sweet Hands, it makes it easy for any player to use in the garage, on the driveway, or in the basement between games and practices, and off-season.

Using Sweet Hands will increase your stickhandling speed, improve timing, and improve eye and stick coordination.

  • Sweethands Pro includes an 8 piece set.
  • Great for on and off the ice!
  • 10 Vertical posts & 8 Pipe Sections
  • Pucks can be used as weights (not included)
  • Can create a straight line or variety of patterns (with 90 degree corners)
  • 144" (12 feet)
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