CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Shoulder Pads Senior SPAS5PRO-SR

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One of the most protective and comfortable hockey shoulder pads available, the CCM TACKS AS-V PRO helps to keep you protected from strong hits. Our new Anatomical Shield Design (ASD) FLEXMOTION construction and ADPTFIT length-adjustable straps give you a closer fit and enhanced mobility. The ADPTFIT bicep strap allows for a custom fit to help bridge the gap between your shoulder pad and elbow pad for maximum coverage. 



The Tacks AS-V Pro shoulder pads offer maximum protection and mobility


Tacks AS-V Pro shoulder pads are engineered for max coverage and protection for powerful players. Featuring the new ASD construction, D3O in key areas, and new Flexmotion design, players can experience elite-level protection that moves with you, without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Adjustability is key with the ADPTFIT chest straps and extendable bicep guard, which bridges the gap with elbow pads for max coverage and protection.

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