CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Hockey Stick SR

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NEW SKELETON+ - New technology found in the taper area which provides not only a lighter and better feeling stick, but also better reliability in key moments due to more consistent manufacturing.
HYBRID KICK POINT - Creates a hinge effect so you can load the stick using a blend of speed and response.
NANOLITE CARBON LAYERING - High-performance carbon layering technology combined with sigmatex® spread tow creates a stick that’s both incredibly light and incredibly strong.
RR-90 BLADE WITH DAMP-CORE - Featuring our exclusive dampening material and an optimized stiffness, it provides the right mix of feel and pop for the best of both worlds.
R-GEOMETRY - A streamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides that keeps gaining in popularity. It delivers high-performance and ultra-comfort.
SIGMATEX SPREAD TOW - Developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM, this high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that makes this stick light, strong and durable.
UNIQUE I AND J GEOMETRY - Adjusted specifically for each segment’s hand size, the rounded corners and concave sides improve control and comfort.

70,75,80,85 Flex – 60”
95 Flex – 62”
50 Flex – 54”
40 Flex – 51”


OPS Sticks and Composite Shafts (Player and Goalie) are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of sale to the consumer when used as intended under normal use and without alterations. For warranty issues, you can contact the manufacturer directly at [email protected]
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