Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Goalie Leg Pads

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Built with a brand new knee bracket, Stabiliflex, which is 30% lighter and provides 25% more flexibility compared to Stabilislide from Supreme. Balance Plate and Tune Fit 2.0 Strap. Features an added Balance Plate, a pillow at the calf to give you never-seen-before balance and ice seal.
Level - Performance
Upgrades - Hot melt logos
Sizes - SR/INT: XS, S, M, L
Strapping - Tune Fit 2.0 Straping System
Calf Guard - Aerolite with abrasion resistant material / BALANCE PLATE Calf Pillow
Knee Wing - Adjustable knee wing / STABILIFLEX KNEE BLOCK featuring Connekt Grip
Materials - C.O.R TECH PLUS Calf & Knee Landing
Leg Channel - Connekt Material
Boot Flex - FREE-FLEX 110 Degree Boot
Toe - Offset Elastic Toe System (1057047)
Other - Dynamic Flex Core with CURV® composite thigh rise
Fit - Flex point above and below the knee
Oversize - No
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