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  • FiberShield Technology disperses low-density nanoparticles throughout the shaft, paddle, and blade for improved balance and increased durability in the shaft.
  • Redesigned Flex Zone. The redesigned flex zone within the ASERIES ‘20 paddle is optimized for enhanced power and balance, providing faster load times and quicker passes.
  • Improved Weight & Balance. By redistributing materials within the shaft, paddle, and blade, the balance point has shifted 3 inches closer to the goaltender’s hand position, decreasing weight by 5% while improving overall shaft durability.
  • Enhanced Paddle Durability. Designed with BRT+ technology distributed throughout the paddle, blade, and heel, the all-new AX9 provides improved balance while improving durability.


  • Length: 27"
  • Weight: 725g
  • Finish: Soft Gloss Grip Shaft with Matte Blade
  • Curve Options: MC, PC2, TC
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