Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon 34+2 Pad

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Made in Canada, the Vaughn Ventus SLR Pro Carbon leg pad is constructed with pro foam core internals and a full-length carbon fiber reinforcement, to provide greater pad edge strength, superior pad durability and flex return. The design of the core allows the pad to flex with the goaltender’s body movements and reduces stress to the knees and hip joints. In addition, it allows for increased speed and rapid movements on the ice.

Vaughn has even widened the inside landing pad to encapsulate and cushion the leg to better support body weight when doing down into the butterfly. The outer leg cradle is shaped to cover the outer calf area and extend coverage into the side profile of the pad to cover gaps and add protection when up tight against the post to eliminate openings.

The biggest change on the SLR Pro Carbon pads is the strapping system. Vaughn eliminates all leather straps and resorts to Velcro, to provide a lightweight and secure method to strap up. You’re given the option to secure your knee strap either across the knee or down to the calf; the Active Rotation Control strap below the knee controls the pad’s rotation around your leg, and is harnessed by a magnet. Traditional leather calf straps are replaced with a Velcro Y-strap, equally support the length of the calf/shin. Furthermore, a leather boot strap is replaced with a half leather/half nylon strap—the nylon reduces tension and increases the lifetime of the strap.


  • Full Pro core internal structure
  • One piece front Carbon fiber insert
  • Single break outside roll
  • Flat inner edge with flat firm surface
  • HD and Zote foam internal pro core for superior performance
  • Adjustable upper calf strap buckle
  • Split front face design for added customization of colors
  • Visually taller graphic appearance
  • Inner knee cradle pad with Carbon support insert
  • Angled knee cradle to calf guard design
  • Knee design speeds pad rotation
  • Off-set tie on toe assembly
  • Carbon fiber improves flex return
  • Pre-shaped curved upper profile for precision fit for improved five-hole closure
  • Optional dual break outside roll


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