Warrior QRE 50 Hockey Stick Intermediate

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Model Year 2020
Brand Warrior
EDGE TAPER The angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel that magnifies power and quick release. Our unique geometry improves response and is more stable and plays stronger.
MINIMUS CARBON Flat weave carbon design that provides excellent feel for all parts of the game.
SHADOW FEEL Shadow Feel construction creates the most well-balanced stick ever built and enhances how the stick feels during play giving you more control and response.
GRIP A tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for peak hand control.


There is a 30-day limited North American warranty on player and goalie composite sticks. There is no warranty for wood or foam core sticks. Warrior will provide a one-time replacement of your stick IF BROKEN DUE TO A MANUFACTURING DEFECT within 30 days from the consumer date of purchase. To begin the return process, you can reach the manufacturer directly at 1-866-966-6092
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