CCM GJ1.9 Senior Goalie Jock

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The CCM 1.9 Goalie Jock provides elite level protection to a very sensitive area without sacrificing comfort or mobility. The single, molded plastic cup disperses impact energy and has very soft, vented mesh foam that allows great breathability and comfort to the inner legs. The waistband has extra padded protection and can be adjusted to accommodate a range of waist sizes. Helping to secure the protection in place are the adjustable elastic jock straps.
    • Nylon / knitted mesh / synthetic leather
    • Durable, breathable materials
    • Soft foam padding
    • Provides excellent airflow
    • Adds comfort
    • Single molded cup protection
    • Disperses shot impacts
    • Solid impact protection
    • Adjustable waist attachment 
    • Padded waist protection 
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