CCM Tacks 9350R Roller Hockey Skates RH9350-SR

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The CCM Tacks 9350R Skates are perfect for the new-to-hockey or casual player looking to hit the pavement today! CCM used a strong, one-piece boot design that offers step-in comfort with solid support. The outdoor wheels are ideal for rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt since the tough design will keep them from wearing out too quickly!

The CCM Tacks 9350R boasts a medium fit profile, which means that it will fit a vast majority of feet properly. Unless you know you have an extra-narrow or an extra-wide foot, this should be a great fit!

3D Injected Boot
It provides a new level of comfort and fit for recreational hockey players. The new construction makes the skate more durable with better visual appeal


Construction 3D Injected
Material High-Strength Plastic
Heatmoldable Yes
Tongue 7mm Reinforced
Tendon Guard Standard
Facing Traditional
Laces Unwaxed
Midsole High-Strength Plastic
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