Franklin CFX® Slider PRT™ Protective Sliding Glove

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ALL HANDS ON-DECK™. Protect your hands on the while running on the basepaths with Franklin Sports' MLB CFX Baseball + Softball Sliding glove! These sliding gloves are the perfect piece of baseball equipment to help baserunners steal bases and slide headfirst while protecting their hands. These reversible sliding glove can be worn like gloves on both the left and the right hand for protection. The soft-shell design hardens on impact to help protect runners from jamming their hands and fingers on the dirt or bases when sliding. These sliding gloves are also constructed with a secure, reinforced wrist strap to help stabilize the wrist and prevent sprains. Plus, the soft, responsive feel of these gloves helps runners maintain use of their fingers to help grab the bag on steals without sliding right by. Baseball and softball players' greatest tools are their hands, so make sure they're being protected correctly. Grab yourself one of Franklin's CFX PRT Sliding glove and hit the basepaths today!

  • PROTECTIVE: The CFX PRT sliding gloves are designed to help runners protect their hands and fingers from jams and sprains when stealing and sliding into bases
  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN: Designed with the input of our MLB pros, the CFX Sliding gloves feature a reversible design that ensures it can be worn like a glove on both the left and right hand
  • RESPONSIVE FEEL: The soft, lightweight protective material has a responsive feel so baserunners can maintain use of their fingers to help them grab the bag on steals without sliding past
  • SECURE WRIST WRAP: The reinforced wrist strap provides a tight, secure fit and additional wrist stability for added protection
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: This baseball and softball sliding glove has been thoroughly tested by our team of experts to ensure maximum impact dispersion at every point of contact to bring you full confidence in every steal attempt
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