Easton Resmondo Motherload 12.5" USSSA Slowpitch Bat: ESU4RESX

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Prepare to elevate your slow-pitch game to unprecedented heights with the 2024 Easton Resmondo Motherload USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat, ESU4RESX. Engineered for power hitters, this bat boasts a 12.5-inch barrel and Motherload swing weighting, designed to deliver maximum pop and distance with each swing.

Featuring the innovative 232 barrel technology, this bat offers variable compression throughout the barrel, expanding the sweet spot for increased power across the hitting surface. This technology enables you to confidently face any pitch, knowing you have the power to drive it with force. Coupled with the CXN MAX connection joint, the bat ensures an almost perfect feel on contact, minimizing vibration and enhancing the overall hitting experience.

The Motherload swing weighting is meticulously calibrated for power hitters, optimizing the weight distribution to maximize the bat's pop and performance. This design is specifically tailored for USSSA league players who demand the best in power and performance.

The 2024 Easton Resmondo Motherload Slow Pitch Softball Bat is more than just a bat; it's a game-changer designed to dominate USSSA play. Whether you're stepping up to the plate in a crucial game situation or just looking to outperform the competition in practice, this bat delivers unmatched power and performance. Secure yours today and unleash the power of the Motherload on the field!

  • Brand: Easton
  • Sport: Slowpitch Softball
  • Barrel Diameter: 2-1/4 in
  • Frame: Two-piece
  • Certification: USSSA, NSA, ISA
  • 232 Barrel Technology: Uses a plural resin system and offers a 5 flex barrel design allowing for variable compression to create a bigger sweet spot.
  • Monster End Load: Motherload Optimized Player Weighting packs more punch at the barrel, delivering maximum power behind each cut
  • Multi-Flex Handle Design: Stiffer Flex 180 handle design keeps the barrel in the zone longer for optimal feel and power
  • CXN MAX: Eliminates vibration in the handle of the bat to provide best in class feel
  • Power Boost Soft Knob
  • Endloaded Swing Weight
  • 12.5" Barrel Length
  • Series: Resmondo
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