Mark Lumber Pro Limited Bats

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ML-271 Model

The 271 model is by far the most popular and best-selling model.  It features a good size barrel that gradually tapers into a thin handle.  It features an ultra comfortable knob that creates the balance for which this model is known for.  This bat is ideal for any type of players at any age.

  • Barrel: 2.47’’
  • Handle: 0.93’’
  • Feel: Balanced

ML-26 Model

A relatively large barreled-bat that tapers into a thin handle.  A slightly flared knob creates great comfort and provides some balance.

  • Barrel: 2.48’’
  • Handle: 0.94’’
  • Feel: Balanced

ML-110 Model

The iconic 110 turn.  This model features a thick handle along with a long barrel.  A slight flare in the knob makes this model very comfortable and balanced.

  • Barrel: 2.48’’
  • Handle: 0.98’’
  • Feel: Balanced
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